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What Can I Expect From Coaching?

Coaching sessions usually occur via telephone, video-conferencing, or face-to-face (if you are located in the greater Austin area). Sessions are typically 60 minutes, but can be tailored to your needs. A coaching plan and agreement will be established that is specifically developed for you. Accountability is key to successfully achieving your goals, so be prepared to work between sessions and follow up the next time on how you fared. Coaching is positive, inspiring, and motivating, but what you get out of it is really up to you. The sky’s the limit!

How Much Does It Cost?

The first 30-minute consultation is 100% free, so there's no risk to try it out and see what you think. If you choose to continue from there, you will be asked to verbally commit to a 3-month period. This is a not a financial obligation, but allows enough time to really see the positive changes you are working to create. Depending on the length of time and the frequency you are wanting to meet, a retainer amount will be agreed upon. 1-hour sessions are $120. Packages can be purchased for 6 sessions for the cost of 5. Ask about any specials that might be running at this time. Coaching is not a service covered by insurance.

Are There Any Risks?

Change, while necessary, is often uncomfortable. That’s why so many people struggle making the changes they need to make in their life! Coaching provides a safe, non-judgmental place to explore the life you have always wanted, but making those changes can, at times, elicit feelings of sadness, anger, or anxiety. If these feelings turn out to be more than expected, a referral for therapy services will be discussed. For ethical reasons, Traci Pirri will not see a coaching client for individual therapy.

Furthermore, if you struggle to implement the agreed upon tasks between sessions, you are likely to make little to no progress. This would result in a loss of time, energy, and funds. However, most coaching clients find the benefits far outweigh the costs. If you have more questions about this, though, Traci Pirri is happy to discuss them with you!

Your partner in adoption.

Are you involved in or considering adoption? Does it feel overwhelming or stuck or negative? It doesn't have to! Adoption should be about connecting families, not disconnection and resentment. If you want to improve your experience with adoption, but aren't sure how, you might benefit from adoption coaching.

What is Adoption Coaching?

Coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy is for people struggling with stronger than normal issues with depression, anxiety, or daily functioning. Adoption coaching is for people who are doing fairly well in their day-to-day, but want to take off and turn their experience with adoption into something remarkable. It is for people who are ready to make big changes, but struggling to figure out how.

What Will Adoption Coaching Do For Me?

Adoption is tough. Adoption coaching is about taking a bad situation like an unwanted pregnancy, infertility, neglect/abuse, or a sudden death and trying to somehow make a family despite the pain. This does not happen overnight, and it does not happen successfully without intention and resiliency. Adoption Coaching helps you navigate through the fears, the emotions, and the sheer bulk of work needed to make an adoption successful.

Adoption Coaching